When To Come

Individuals, couples, families and everyone in between have come to enjoy the one of a kind Moose Camp experience!

Moose Camp by the Month

Our fishing season runs from approximately the middle of May to the beginning of October and with a relatively short season basically any day at Camp is a good day to be here!

Naturally we’ve seen fishing the busiest at the beginning of the season and towards the end. Consistently we’ve seen some of the biggest fish come out of our lakes in September. That being said I’m still pondering if that’s because some of our best fishermen visit in the Fall. Either way, fishing is fantastic basically all season long!


Less Bugs, cooler nights, best chance to see a bear (or 4) on the drive up to Camp.


Everything is in bloom, fishing is off the hook, the bugs are a plenty and often a surprise snow day is thrown in.


Sinking into those warm summer days, mosquitos start moving on, with more and more wild berries to pick as the month goes on.


Usually our warmest month, berry picking is at it’s peak, hummingbirds are heading south.


The fish are getting hungry, bugs are all but a distant memory, the smell of foliage is peaking (again, often a surprise snow day thrown in).

October - April

The snow starts to fly in October, begins collecting in November and only starts melting in March or April.  This is when the “guests are away and the hosts play”!