This is my “Home Water”

by Jim Freese

I have been coming to Moose Camp almost every summer for 30 years. It is my favorite place for refuge, rejuvenation, fellowship and, of course fishing.

I have done the expensive private flights and gourmet cuisine at other resorts. I frankly feel like I spent too much money there.

For a fraction of the cost, Julia and Brian, have created my favorite creature comforts: delicious home cooked meals; a sense of being part of a family; great social and personal spaces for conversation, a game of cards or a good book; and comfortable boats at the end of short walks to two lakes loaded with Kamloops rainbows. 100 fish days are possible if you like to count. Moose Camp feels remote. Besides the deer, eagles, ospreys, loons, humming birds and wildflowers, cougars have been sighted, wolves occasionally howl and I usually see at least one moose. At over 4000’ elevation the stars are spectacular!

This is my “Home Water”.

Jim Freese

Bothell, Washington