Meet Your Hosts


Bryan wears many hats at Camp from co-owner to cook to guest liaison and of course maintenance and utilities for, well, basically everything. Guests don’t see him sit down often but when he does a sly, sarcastic joke or crazy story with an epic punchline is sure to follow. Ingenious with many of his Moose Camp plans and always looking to improve Camp and guest experience, he is literally always working on some fairly major project. The challenges and surprises that come up during the many improvement projects are also often accompanied with a comical story or two (be sure to ask Julia about the “Building the New Water Tower” story while at Camp, it’s a good one).  Most importantly Bryan is especially known for his amazing trout smoking skills and is also the resident BBQ expert, you definitely don’t want to miss his mouth-watering steak!


Julia also wears many hats in the Moose Camp operation as the other co-owner and resident Forest Therapy guide. From bookings, marketing, guest communications, retreat and event planning to cabin cleaning, laundry and landscaping, she too is always up to something.

Inspired by the pleasure of hosting so many families who have made Camp a Legacy to share with their generations, Julia is known to make sure all the fine details are taken care of for every guest’s individual needs. By taking the time to connect with guests, Julia once learned a guest who had been coming for over 20 years sleeps in a lazy boy recliner at home because it’s best for his back. The next day Julia had Bryan bring up their La-Z-Boy recliner chair from town so the guest could have the best sleep possible while at Camp. Of course a goodnight’s sleep is an imperative part to a fantastic, busy day of pulling in trout and Julia goes the extra mile to make sure guests experience that. From impeccably made beds (with line dried sheets), to extra pillows and blankets and even ear plugs for those guests with noisy cabin mates, Julia dotes on guests like close family and ensures every effort is being made for guests to feel right at home. She brings a long history of customer service experience and is known to tell the odd joke or story about the “fun” challenges that naturally come along with running a remote fishing resort. A fishing resort that’s steeped in history and stories of so many memorable guests and camp owners alik

Bryan and Julia are both honoured and proud to be the 8th set of Moose Camp owners in it’s over 100 years of history. Both being raised in rural northern Alberta they definitely have a prospector spirit, a call for adventure and a love for the great outdoors. Conveniently they also both have extensive knowledge and experience in off-grid and remote living.

Julia and Bryan are also the proud parents of two charming, well-spoken and often chatty young girls who are eager to be a part of the family business.  

Bree and Olivia are happy to clear guest’s plates after dinner, regularly ceremoniously dispose of the resident Camp cat’s victims and have recently even started tying their own flies.  These young ladies can hook you up with some replicas of tried and true, one-of-a-kind Moose Camp specific flies created by long standing guests too! 


Luckily for the Bonnamours, a lovely man by the name of Laurent Lefebvre was happy to continue working at Moose Camp when they took over ownership back in 2017. He is Bryan’s right hand man and yet so much more than that as he has extensive knowledge of Camp. Although no one knows for sure, Lawrence is likely nearing 20 years of spending his summers up at Camp. He is always willing to lend a hand to the guests and is a wizard when it comes to small electrical motors and circuits. The knowledge of Camp he has shared with Bryan and Julia is priceless and helps ensure guest experience is always the absolute best it can be! The fact that he’s French and that means the entire Moose Camp team is of French descent is kind of cool. Not only because they can be heard working together throwing a few French words around sometimes but also because the founder of Camp back in the 1880s was also French. Hence the French name of Rioux (pronounced Ree- oo) Lake.