Photo Gallery

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” ~ Destin Sparks

As beautiful as many of these captures are, it’s been found the real beauty and essence of Camp is best appreciated in person.  Even the prettiest of pictures often barely serves justice to what the photographer was seeing and feeling when taking the pictures you see here.  With that in mind, these shots we’ve shared are quite spectacular and we are so grateful for every captured moment shared with us.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the following guests who have shared many of the great photos you see here.  Super big thank you to: Brian Hampson, Jim Freese, Rick Tegeler, Matt Gardner, Michael Wertz, June Palmer, Kellen Galster & Jake Toepfer.

And....wait there's more!

The following 7 beautiful pictures we’re captured by our talented guest named Mary Stewart