Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Camp is all inclusive, all in the family style. We want our guests to do nothing but enjoy all that Camp has to offer to the fullest degree. We are eager to please and happy to accommodate guest’s special needs and requests if it means making their stay as perfect as it can be.

33.5 km or 21 miles. Roughly about a 45 min drive

Mostly Kamloops Trout, some Brook Trout
No, but we do provide a list of recommended flies, line and gear.

If you have one it is a great option to have when wanting to explore some of our surrounding lakes.
We do have a small inflatable pontoon boat we lend out to guests as well as a few aluminum boats that are easy to load up for outlying lake exploration, so no worries if you don’t have one.

Yes and you can get one online here before you come. Or stop in Little Fort, BC (the last town on Highway 5 before Clearwater if you’re coming in from Kamloops) at the Little Fort Fly and Tackle Shop and get your licence and likely a few handy local fishing tips while you’re at it from these great guys. Check out their website here.

Most Importantly...

Almost always fantastic! The fight our trout put up is quite epic and the action in our lakes can almost be too much at times, not our words but said by many fishermen at our dinner table.