May 19, 2017 – May 22, 2017


  • $799/sister
  • 10% discount for groups that book a full cabin (4 or 5 sisters)
  • Price Includes: Workshops, Accommodations, 3 meals a day and unlimited access to our 2 exclusive lakes and 10 acres of private mountain property.
  • Contact the office: 250 674 3275 or email: to arrange payment and/or make payment arrangements.
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Your Hostess

Julie Bonnamour


Spiritual awareness/care and its many available modalities really came into my life almost a decade ago. The amazing facilitators who have come together for this one-of-a-kind retreat being some of the first people who introduced many of these beautiful practices to me! I have always wanted to remain immersed in every experience I’ve had with these gorgeous souls, really sink into it and settle in rather than return to everyday demands and stresses after an epic session that leaves me feeling so focused and refreshed. I’m kinda hard core like that though. My dream: get to an amazing, peaceful, relaxed and even slightly heightened state and sit there for awhile, not for an hour or a day – but for days!  Play a lil!

Sisters Soul Summit was conceived the day we discovered Moose Camp and I recognized the opportunity to realize and share my dream. The original outpost dates back to the 1880s and a person can’t help but feel the history! Camp has a way of taking a person back to a slower time, a kind of forgotten era. A real true escape from everyday life as most of us know it. Our small group size and FOUR facilitators over a long weekend at a super secluded, pristine, little piece of B.C. heaven will without a doubt make this a retreat like no other! I truly cannot wait and look forward to meeting the lovely sisters that will make up our inaugural summit! 


Into the mountains I go!

To lose my mind and find my soul.

I welcome you to come join us! 

Moose Camp Fishing Resort
office: 250 674 3275