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Clearwater, BC, Canada
Telephone: (250)674-3275

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Accommodations at Moose Camp consists of seperate rustic cabins that can sleep up to five guests comfortably. Cabins are of log construction, and are tastefully decorated to harmonize with their surroundings. You get to step back in time, and yet be provided with everything you desire. All cabins have wood heating, indoor plumbing, hot & cold running water, showers and an enchanted view of Rioux Lake. Also provided is generated power a.m. & p.m.

The American Plan

Moose Camp operates on the American Plan, with our guests reserving the camp in advance for a seven day period, arriving on Saturday and leaving the following Saturday. Shorter or longer visits can be arranged.

While you are a guest, we will provide:

u Full use of the lodge facilities, fresh hot coffee, packed lunches, and homemade meals served in the lodge's dining room. u For your fishing convenience, we provide u fully equipped boats and the use of the flytyping room.

u You can take your catch home smoked, or fresh and vacuum packed for long lasting freshness.


To make your visit more enjoyable, you should bring:

11 your favorite fishing gear
10 good working flashlight
9 warm clothing
8 rain gear
7 items for your personal use
6 refreshments
5 ice chest
4 camera
3 thermos
2 a small pack sack
1 comfortable footwear 
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