A True Wilderness Experience!

Welcome to Moose Camp Fishing Resort. We invite you to come and experience incredible freshwater fishing in a remote wilderness setting. Try your hand at fly-fishing for the world famous 'fighting' wild trout. For our more adventurous guests we offer the thrill of heli-fishing. Have an experienced helicopter pilot fly you into remote locations to fish in 'your own' lakes. However, fishing is only part of what the Moose Camp experience is all about...  


girl fishing When planning your fishing adventure, you will findMoose Camp Fishing Resort offers a variety of lakes to fish within hiking distance, as well as several lakes that require a four wheeler trip to reach them. We fish in approximately 20 lakes, varying in elevation from 4,000 to 5,800 feet. Fishing is therefore excellent from mid-May until October. The average sized fish is from 1 to 4 pounds, with 6 pounds waiting for the lucky fisherman.

Fishing is a great sport that provides a wonderful relaxing vacation for any age group. But whomever the fisher, and whatever the age, these beautiful fighting Kamloops and native Rainbow trout are certainly an exciting catch.


nice fishSome good choices for the fly fisherman are the Tom Thumb, Careys, Doc Spratley's, Dragon Fly Nymph, Wolly Worm, and of course, your favorites. For trolling the #4, and #6 Mepps, and all types of flatfish (the particularly good ones are the silver and black speckled, gold and flourescent). You can fish most lakes and not see another person.

For a truly unique experience - we offer Heli-Fishing. Contact us for further information.


Other Activities

Moose Camp is not just fishing! While many come to enjoy the excellent fishing the area has to offer, many come simply to relax and enjoy the incredible natural surroundings. Protecting our pristine wilderness areas for generations to come is a major concern of ours. Come and enjoy various activities including:

12 hiking
11 bird watching
10 photography
9 river rafting
8 picking wild berries
7 viewing a natural rock bridge
6 nature walks
5 canoeing
4 mountain biking
3 horseback riding
2 picking wild mushrooms
1 tour of Wells Gray Park
amazing Heli Fishing Packages

dad and son

Join us and enjoy a great relaxing wilderness adventure!


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